Saturday, October 18, 2008

channeling John Denver

We've just returned from a trip to Montana to visit Rexy's family that I ADORE. We had such a great time, I find everyone there so down to earth and real. We stayed the night in Spokane on the way over and TJ was in his first hotel room! After a short drive to Missoula the following morning - Dar Dar Star Star Mars Bar put on a great dinner for everyone and after we watched the debate, not really knowing each others political stance it was VERY quiet. Krissy put us up for the evening and she is just fantastic, full of energy and hutzpah (sp?) The next day we headed out to the family townhouse on Flathead Lake. The scenery is incredible and the house is gorgeous. Our room had a jacuzzi tub which I had to try out after almost kicking my husbands ass at Monopoly. I am absolutely not a competitive person, so to see the heckling and take part was a blast. I also really enjoyed Bridgers rendition of 'Liquidation' - you'll probably see it on Itunes soon. Shana and I spent a lot of time talking about kids, and she gave me great advice - our parenting styles are very similar. The next day we all drove up to Glacier National Park - as far as they would let us go, it was such a spectacle. I am one of these people that is absolutely amazed by nature, and LOVE to experience new areas. If Montana had saltwater - I would move in a heartbeat. Our next adventure with the Stratfords could possibly be July 4th next year...more good times with Trav's sick sense of humor, Bridger's songs, Shana's sweetness, Finley's 'no no no, not', Billy's jokes (cannibalistic clowns), Dar Dar's warm personality, Krissy's infectious laughter, Jackson's intelligent tween-ness, Zekey's cuteness, and just their all around family togetherness. I love this place and these people. Oh and John Denver? I get it. The skies are wild.

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